my name is Lilian and I live in the netherlands. people often describe me as introverted, a bit weird and a dreamer. I don’t quite know how I see myself. I’ve got blue eyes and dimples. I love dark chocolate and the fresh scent of washed clothes. I’ve got a lot of fears, including being afraid of darkness. I tend to feel empty and uneasy sometimes, but other times I feel very loved and glad that I’m alive. writing is my salvation and music calms my soul. I think people are wonderful, but I don’t really think that way of myself. I’ve got an obsession with anime and manga, since it never fails to distract me from my thoughts and confusions. I love making people happy.

thank you for reading. if you ever feel like having a little chat or want to ask something, don’t hesitate and just do so. c:

(um, I have a personal dutch anime/manga blog, so if you want a link to it, just message me (un-anon) and I’ll give it to you)